Surprising my friend

Best friends are a blessing in anyones life. There are there for you when you need them and even when you don’t:)
Not everyone it’s privileged to met that person who will share the same principles and values like them. So if you get lucky and have that special person in your life make sure you let them know how much they mean to you.
If you get a chance make a nice thing for them with no special occasion. They will appreciate it and value even more as a friend.
I learned I have to do that with my best friend or bff as most people say.
She will turn 30 this year and I am planning a big party for. She always talk about how much she appreciate the time, we girls, spend together. A simple walk or even a drink with me makes her day special.
Because in this modern times when all its done with a high speed you barely have time for yourself. You need to take care of the house, husband, kids and even make time to go to work. You sometimes loose yourself. That’s why is very important to have that relax moments with a person you like.

For her birthday I want to do something special. I am planning to nook some flight to Barcelona for only a couple of days. Will be just the two of us. And it will be a surprise. I’ll have to lie to her that we’ll go to visit my parents because it’s a emergency.

We will arrive around 11 am. It will be just perfect. Enough time to enjoy a brunch on a sunny terrace.
After we will have a full meal I am planning a day at a beauty clinic. I know she always wanted to have a facial treatment done but not any facial. There is a treatment based on laser that supposed to change your skin dramatically.
It even helps to reduce the pores and the tiny hair on the face. You can choose between laser and IPL treatments. I know she will be impressed and will remember that birthday present for a long time.

And it is a win win situation for both of us. While she is doing her laser facial treatment i can do my IPL session for hair removal. I have to do it every 2 weeks in order to keep my results. I’ve started doing this treatment after I read an article on So we both get pampered which is great.
After the laser treatments we will go to dinner and enjoy a good paella. We will put a end to the holiday in a stylish way. We will go to a salsa club.
It is very important for me to show her how much she means to me. I hope this trip will prove that.
Remember, always try to do nice things to the people you love. Actions means more than words.

Our Girls

Kendra is hauntingly beautiful with her icy blonde hair and her icy green stare. But rest assured, while she’s an ice queen on the outside she’s all fire and warmth on the inside. Kendra is petite and graceful with gorgeous, womanly curves and silky smooth skin. She is a girl who loves to take care …

Hiring the best escort service in London

Escort services in London have seen the rise of a new industry in the field of entertainment. There has been much talk and confusion surrounding escorts and prostitutes. The major differences between these two parties entail the fact that escorts offer highly professional, detailed and rated services.

Escorts in London have given their services a professional touch by advertising them on websites, email campaigns, and telemarketing platforms. These forums give potential clients the chance to get an overview of the services available and the people offering the services. While on these platforms, you will notice a couple of elements that make up the general escort industry in London.

1. Types of services

Escort services often range from enjoying each other’s company to physical intimacy through intercourse or other sexual acts. When hiring an escort, be sure to state the type of services that you wish to enjoy on your actual date.

Traditionally, escorts were hired to accompany people in power and prestigious positions to meetings, social events, and business functions. The ladies offered beautiful company to the men who paid for this service. In these modern times, you can still hire an escort for the purpose of enjoying their company. This may be through a date or accompaniment to a social function. You may hire them for their company over activities such as working out in the gym, riding a bike in the park, swimming, or even road trips. Your aim may be to rid yourself of loneliness.

A client can hire an escort that will provide them with a thorough body massage. In this case, you may need to specify that you need an expert masseuse or an amateur masseuse whose simple skills you will enjoy along with their company.

It is important to note that most escort services do not advertise for sexual pleasures on their websites or marketing campaigns. This is done in order to avoid any confrontation with the law which states that selling sex and other sexual acts is a crime. As such, in the event that you wish to hire an escort for sexual services, this factor will be done in the terms of extra services. This means that you will hire the escort for their company or a massage and the sexual pleasures will come in as unpaid for favours.

2. Cost

The most basic cost of hiring an escort will be done on an hourly basis. Most escorts charge their services per hour and payment may be done immediately upon meeting or immediately after the agreed time has ended. London escorts often charge anything from £90 going up depending on the services offered. Notably, any extra service offered will attract an extra charge.

3. Terms and conditions

The professionalism of escorts services requires that clients abide by the agreed terms and conditions. Be sure to agree on the meeting place of your date be it a hotel room, your house, a social hall for an event or a restaurant. When hiring an escort through an online platform, you may be required to present a photograph for easy identification.

Some escorts prefer to meet their clients prior to the actual date of their services in order to get to know each other, to get comfortable around each other, and to go through the details of the event. On the actual date, be sure to stick to the predetermined terms and conditions and give early indications of any change of events in order to give the escort a chance to agree or decline.

Hiring escorts in London may seem to be a daunting task but with the simple rules in hand, you will be well on your way towards getting the experience of a lifetime. The best part about these services is that they give the client the opportunity to customise their experience. This means that you are in control of what happens, how it happens, and when it happens.

It is important that you carry out an extensive research of the escort you are hiring in terms of their services and their agency. The online world has made this factor easy by providing potential clients with reviews fro previous clients of a specific escort. The reviews may reveal the level of their professionalism and the efficiency of their services. This way you put your investment in safe hands.

When all is said and done, remember that London escorts are human beings who deserve to be treated with utmost respect and courtesy. The nicer you are to your escort, the better your level of enjoyment. In fact, you will definitely find yourself coming back for more services.