How I met an escort in London


As a gentleman, living and working in London is good but it is not easy to find a great woman to satisfy my needs. I have a busy schedule which includes working overtime therefore I do not have the time to look for companionship or to date. I spoke to my friends and they recommended that I try finding an escort instead of dating, and I found it a worthwhile alternative to satisfy my sexual needs. There are different reasons you may choose an escort girl, but one of the main reasons people choose an escort is for companionship. Sometimes you may be horny and alone and the only way you can satisfy your sexual desires is by finding an escort girl living near you. These ladies are very professional and are aware they are hired to spend quality time with successful gentlemen. Therefore, if you are like me and you are not ready to commit to a long term relationship or marriage, then hiring an escort from the right agency can be vital when you are alone.

How to book an escort girl

Most London escort agencies have a gallery of sexy escort girls in the city that you can choose from. From redhead ladies to hot brunette, you can browse the gallery and book the one that best matches your taste and needs. I love blonde ladies and because they can be hard to find in my area, I had to look for a model with blonde hair. To my surprise, I found her from the first agency I searched and I did not have to browse galleries from other websites. However, if you find it difficult to look for a mature escort that matches your preference, I would advise you to sort your search according to what you want. Note that agencies are different, so you need to know how to choose an escort from the best agencies in London. You may pay more money for these brunettes but the service you will get is second to none. From the gallery, I clicked on the blonde I wanted to meet to know more about her personality and traits. Here I found out about her age, height, nationality, orientation, and body type. To book her, I had the option of calling or sending an email, and because I wanted to hear her voice I called her.

What I considered before I chose a London escort agency

As a busy gentleman, it is hard for me to look for hot women with great personalities to spend time with. Because money is not a problem but time, I had to consider choosing a lady from an escort agency. The best escort agencies in London have gorgeous girls that will escort you to your vacation or date and give you an outstanding company. Also, they have fair prices as well as VIP services which they offer to a wide array of clients. Before I chose an escort from a London agency, I had to consider the following factors:


The reputation of the escort agency is important while looking for a lady companion. Reputable escort agencies should be reputable with no back pages, which lead to low-class escorts who can be unsafe for you.


What I know from experience is that you get exactly what you pay for. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you spend more because you have the money you will get the best services from the escort. The blonde escort I found was fairly priced and I have to say the services I got were great. Therefore, always choose an escort or brunette that falls within your budget.


Another way I found out about my escort agency is through referrals from friends. I have to say all my male friends have used an escort agency in the past, so it was easy for me to get a few names to shortlist from. Your friends or colleagues will give you the best advice because they have already used the services of the agency and they know the good and the bad of the escorts.

Customer reviews

Just because a website is ranking on the first page on Google does not mean I had to pick an escort from there. To find out if the agency was good I had to check reviews from satisfied customers as well as ratings. Besides that, I contacted different escort agencies via email before I ended up choosing my blonde lady from the best site. The traffic that a website generates every day is also an important factor to consider because it means that the website is good.


The big misconception is that men who hire escorts in London are the elderly. However, if you are a single man between the age of 25 and 34 like me, then you can hire an escort. The blonde escort I met was everything that was described on her bio page that I found on the escort agency’s website. These brunettes are more than just call girls and can offer both sexual and non-sexual services to different clients.