The Real-Life Girlfriend Experience

Nowadays, men are paying for high-priced busty escorts who are willing to pretend to be their girlfriends. It is known as “girlfriend experience,” and mature London escorts are no longer called whores, prostitutes, or hookers; they are now known as “providers.”

The girlfriend experience involves more personal interaction than traditional escort offers. The focus is not only on getting good sex but also getting a more comprehensive experience. The specifics widely vary among individuals.

In my line of work as an escort, we convey a sense of authenticity to make the experience more pleasurable for the clients and make the outcome more worthwhile for ourselves. That makes the experience more meaningful for both the client and me as it involves some form of emotional effort.

In standard bookings, it is common to have sex, do an oral, and a massage if wished. My London escort agency already has the girlfriend experience already included in the standard service. However, the price is significantly higher than for escorts who provide the girlfriend experience as an extra service rather than part of the standard service.

This is the list of actions that might be part of the girlfriend experience service from escorts from my London agency. What the escort does or does not include depends on what she feels comfortable offering.

• Kissing – Usually, French kissing is one of the major requests.

• Mutual Oral – Normally, it is the escort who goes down on the client, but for a girlfriend experience service, the client can go down on the escort if he wishes to bring more intimacy.

• Eye contact – This might sound weird, but it can be considered out of line in a standard booking because eye contact during sex makes it feel more intimate.

• Increased attention – The client might want to use more methods to stimulate his escort further. For instance, the client might want to start with foreplay.

• Sex styles – The sexual pace is always slower and more sensual rather than rough.

• Cuddling – I might relax and cuddle with the client after the encounter. We may chat or stay silent, depending on the client. We can also cuddle at the beginning of the booking if we are both relaxing on the couch with a drink before engaging in sex.

There are other things that can get included or omitted depending on every booking too. Both the escort and the client need to make sure that boundaries are respected and maintained because it is an intimacy and professional care service that we offer, not a non-professional want to date.

The Girlfriend experience is somehow self-explanatory in a way, but it is crucial to remember that every client is different, and it is up to me to change things slightly to suit the needs of every client. Not all clients will want the exact same things from every booking, but the usual idea of a girlfriend experience service will still be performed in general. When providing this service, I usually use some of my real personality in the time shared between the client and me. It is about cuddling, kissing, and trying to create a passionate rapport between the two of us as if I am actually the client’s girlfriend.